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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Peltier is a writer, content creator and all around social media mom boss.

Through sharing the daily ins and outs of raising five children while working from home, she aims to to encourage, inspire, and uplift women. There's no more surviving, JUST THRIVING.

Favorite pastimes include changing dirty diapers and making mac & cheese.

Just kidding... singing, cooking, essential oils, and sarcasm are what floats her boat as she makes her home in Minnesota with her husband(aka: Officer Sexy Pants) of 15 years.

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Six years into my motherhood “career” I hit an all-time low for me; mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I was pregn
ant with my fourth baby and found myself struggling horribly.

I didn't feel like the mom my children needed or the wife my husband married. I felt terrible and that only made me sink lower. Finally, as a last ditch effort, I dug out my old box of essential oils and the rest?


Oil Dealer

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