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Wear What You Want, Momma!

I've always been a little "extra" -lol no surprise there right? 🤪 Purple hair, miniskirts, a pink cowboy hat, wild makeup, and big earrings about sum up my wardrobe as a teenager.

And then I became a mother.

I stopped dressing like me. I didn't wear makeup as much. I started doing a mom-bun or ponytail on repeat. I no longer wore jewelry. And yoga pants became my jam.

Now hear me when I say this; THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ANY OF THOSE THINGS....Except for the fact that it isn't ME.

We go through seasons and change, and thank goodness usually our taste in clothing evolves to be a bit more tasteful than those high school years! But I no longer felt like myself and hardly recognized the woman in the mirror.

When I dug deep and asked myself "Why the change?" I realized I didn't feel like I had permission to take time for myself. Not only that, but I was afraid people would see me as "selfish" if I took time getting myself ready; like somehow that time took away from my child.

Long story short... I was all up in my own head and so worried about how others would see me as a mother that I'd stopped caring about the mother that I always wanted to be. And once I came to that realization it freed me up to start being myself again!

Because who says a mama can't have purple hair? Or rock some smoky eyes? Or wear bright colors? Or love wearing jeans!? (Yes 🙈 I am that person!) Or wear big fun fabulous earrings?

And if yoga pants, and messy buns, and fresh faced beauty is your thing; ROCK IT MAMA!

Because mamas can come in all shapes and sizes and dress how they want! It's not selfish to take a little time out of the day for yourself to put on some makeup, wash your hair, paint your nails, or anything else that makes you feel as amazing as your are.

It's OKAY to be put together as a mom, it doesn't mean you're neglecting your child. Not only that, but it may model healthy self-worth to your children too! Don't forget that they're always looks up to you!


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