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VTech VM901 WiFi Video Baby Monitor Review

Another Set of Eyes


Mom-Life with Four Kids

People ask me all the time how I manage life with 4 kids; particularly having 2 under 2. How do I manage to keep an eye on all of them? Well, it’s not always easy, but having useful technology like the VTech Vm901 WiFi Video Baby Monitor make it possible!

Once upon my first baby it was easy to keep and eye on him; I mean there was only one little cutie to keep eyes on. Then came my second and things got a little more difficult; not unmanageable, but harder. And then came my third, who by the way, is my wild-child tornado toddler who loves to climb, run, and explore everything in her path. And oh man; she made things so much more challenging!

Now add to that a newborn.

I can almost feel the sweat on your brow as you imagine trying to keep eyes on 3 kids all while tending a newborn. Yeah, lol, welcome to my life!

One of the hardest things with having a newborn is being glued to the couch quite often to feed the baby. I mean yeah, I can get up with her latched and walk around, but it’s not the easiest. So when I’m upstairs feeding the baby and the kids decide to head downstairs I feel a bit more helpless when it comes to keeping an eye on them.

VTech VM901; My Second Set of Eyes!

Enter the VTech VM901 Wifi Video Baby Monitor!

It’s so easily transportable that I move this bad boy all over the house as needed! One of the main places I leave it is in the downstairs basement so I can keep and eye on my older children even from another part of the house.

I love the ability to be able to speak to my children right through the camera; they think I have eyes all over the house! And when it’s lunch time instead of hollering over the railing I can just speak into the microphone and they all come clambering up the stairs. It’s fantastic!

My kids love that our VTech baby monitor has the ability to place little lullabies for them too. Sometimes they request that I turn on songs while they clean up or play together downstairs just for fun.

And my favorite part of our VTech VM901 WiFi Video Baby Monitor is the 360 degree paying! Wow! I can pan, tilt, and zoom the camera to be able to see anywhere I want to; it’s incredible! I don’t have to worry anymore about having hidden areas that are out of my range of view. Now I can simply turn the monitor any direction I want to be able to capture live video.

Simple and Versatile

I’ve really appreciated my Vtech VM901 Wifi Video Baby Monitor these past few weeks as I’ve found it not only easy to set up, but versatile. With the ability to connect right to my phone and the freedom to roam up to 1,000 feet away I am more fully able to go about my daily business while still keeping a watchful eye on my children. I can even check in on them when I’m not home!

Because of the ability to connect to my baby monitor through an app on my phone, I can check in whenever, wherever. It’s wonderful to have the peace of mind that my kids are doing well no matter where I am!

Not to mention when it comes to night vision, this camera is amazing! I can put it in our nursery and keep a watchful eye on baby while she sleeps too! I love that the VTech VM901 baby monitor also has a built in temperature sensor and white noise option, this monitor really checked all the boxes for me as a mom. VTech is a trusted Women’s Choice Award brand and I can see why!

Vtech VM901 Wifi Video Baby Monitor Wrap Up

My experience with the VTech VM901 WiFi Video Baby Monitor has been wonderful! I’ve been looking for fantastic baby monitor for our nursery and I just found it!

If you’re a first time mom looking for a good monitor system or even a seasoned mama looking for a fresh pair of eyes; this is a great monitor choice for you! With it’s versatility and the ability to monitor from the included 5-inch color monitor or your own phone you’ll easily be able to supervise any situation with your VTech baby monitor.

Love a calmed and watchful mama,

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