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Traveling with Essential Oils

It’s official….I am now that person…You know, the one who whips out her bag of oily goodness no matter where she’s at *face palm*, yep, that’s me now.

And you know what? I’m not at all embarrassed about it.

Because when it comes to natural remedies and good sleep; I’m not at all embarrassed to get after it!

Recently my little family was invited on a fun, over-night getaway to Great Wolf Lodge. I’ll admit that as a mom of 3 young kids with a 4 month old -teething- baby, I hesitated when I received the email. Did I really want to bring 4 kids to a water park overnight? Was that a recipe for fun? Or disaster?

I don’t know about for your family, but sleeping anywhere that isn’t home is always a struggle for my kids; especially that first night.

In the past I usually spend most of the night trying to get my children to sleep. Bringing them to the bathroom, ushering them back to bed, trying to get them to calm down from all the excitement, etc. Normally everyone wakes up crabby and the second day is a bit of a train wreck.

Well, this time I was determined it would be different!

While packing our over night bag I had the internal conversation with myself about bringing my diffuser. I wasn’t sure if when it came to traveling with essential oils it made more sense just to bring the roller bottles or bring the diffuser.

Since it was just an overnight trip and we had plenty of room in our bag, I went ahead and did it; I put the whole dang diffuser in there!

I figured I’m a go-big or go-home type person so if I was going to be traveling with essential oils I might as well do it in STYLE!

I am happy to report back and say it was all worth it.


This was the first time ever that we have actually had a fairly normal sleeping experience while at a hotel!

I followed the same routine we follow here at home; I turned on our sound machines, rolled them with their sleep blend, and put lavender and cedarwood in the diffuser.. Something else that I added that we haven’t done on previous trips was the Kidscents Unwind sticks. I brought 3 sticks with and ended up dissolving 2 in a glass of water and having each of the kids drink a little bit of it to help them calm down and unwind. They took a trip to the bathroom and then we were off to bed

It took about 15 minutes for them to calm down; which compared to all our past experiences at hotels basically was a new Guinness World Record! I could not even believe that they not only stayed in bed, but the normal shenanigans that take place after the lights are out never got started. They went to sleep and stayed asleep.

Oh, well, except for the almost two-year-old. She did startle me awake at about 2am with a request for “wader”, but after some salty pizza who could blame her!? After giving her a drink she promptly snuggled back into bed and I didn’t hear a peep again from any of them until the next morning.

Win. Win. WIN!

I have to say that my first experience of traveling with essential oils was impressive and I was incredibly glad that I decided to stuff my bag full of our natural goodness!

If you’re curious about essential oils and don’t know where to start check out this page all about my journey into essential oil goodness. Have question? Message me! I’m always here for you!

Love the happy traveller,

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