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Motherhood As A Job

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Do you see motherhood as your "job"?

Once upon a time I shared about this subject and how I saw motherhood as my job; I'll admit I got so much kick-back on it that it shut me down from sharing about it more.

But recently I was thinking about it, what if we DID approach motherhood as a job?

According to the internet, the median annual salary of a stay-at-home-mom would be upwards of $178,000 😳 Ummmmm anyone around here pulling in that kind of cash while wiping butts and wrangling toddlers?

But what if you WERE? Would that change how people saw you? How you saw yourself?

Would we stop saying I'm "just a mom" and start proudly proclaiming, "I'M A MOM!"?

Money definitely isn't everything in life, and yet because we don't get "paid" in the traditional sense a lot of people seem to act like we're not contributing, that we're not some of the most badass movers and shakers of the world! You don't have to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to be valuable.

And yet at the same time, if I took my role as "mom" a little more seriously and treated it like a job, how would that change me approach?

Would I maybe take some extra training courses? Some people spend tens of thousands of dollars going to college to get the job they want and yet anyone can become a mother without any sort of credentials 😅 Let that one sink in for a minute lol

But would I also challenge myself to do more, be more, and reach for greater things? I don't mean in the sense of striving for mommy-burnout. But typically in a work-type environment we handle ourselves differently. We have goals, push for raises, strive for excellence, etc. Do we do that at home with our kids?

I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I'm a straight up slacker when it comes to my role as the CEO of my home. I take for granted my duties, and if I was the boss watching myself, I might even fire me 😬🙈 (Is it okay to admit that?) So today I'm wondering, if this was my "job" and I was getting paid, how would I act differently? What would I be doing differently?

Love a momma doing her damn best,

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