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How I Got Started With Essential Oils

A few years ago when I was pregnant with Sammie Was struggling hormonally and feel like I really hit a low point. I was struggling with feelings of anxiety, anger, and depression; and I didn't know what to do to get out of it.

I remember praying daily for the Lord to send help; give me ideas, SOMETHING to help me tackle the yuck I was currently experiencing. I journaled my intense feelings daily during my morning devotions but didn't feel like I had very clear answers.

Then one day after attending a health summit that was really informative and eye-opening on health in totality; body, soul, mind and spirit, I randomly remembered I had an essential oils starter kit in my closet. I had received it for a Christmas gift but didn't know how to use it, so it had been sitting there for a few years, OOPS.

I felt prompted to pull it out and start using the oils. I particularly loved the smell of one called "Stress Away" and created my own little blend called the Happy Mama Blend and was hooked. I started using them daily, and one day about 6 weeks later, I realized there had been a subtle shift on the inside and I was feeling more myself again.

Health and finding answers is not always easy, it can be a long, hard road and take some trial and error! But, it is ALWAYS worth it to get your health and hormones in good order! I have started prioritizing my health -inside and out!- and it's made an impact one so many things! Like I said, it didn't happen over night and it can take a hot second and a half, but big changes NEED the baby steps.

And maybe you're like me, you are struggling through some hard emotions or facing some health challenges. Maybe you're just curious about essential oils and supplements and don't know where to start; mama, I GOT YOU either way!!

Starting next month our Essential Oil community will be going through a Health and Wellness "Bootcamp" where we'll be covering allllllll the basics of essential oils and also tackling other topics like hormones, supplements, non toxic living, etc. So if you've been wanting to get started and have been waiting for a "sign" like I was; consider this a flashing neon billboard!

Ready to sign up? Read all about my Oily Community here and come join a group of amazing people with one goal: to thrive and be healthy inside & out!

Have questions? My DMs & email are ALWAYS open!

Happy & Healthy,

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