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Gift Ideas For Cops

Law Enforcement Officer Gift Guide

Christmas is coming up -fast! And it can be hard enough to buy for the man in your life, sometimes harder when they're a cop. Why? Because they don't tend to have a ton of time for hobbies 😅 I constantly struggle to come up with gift ideas for my husband because he loves his job, is good at his job, and doesn't do much else. Lol any one else have this problem? No, just me?

Well even if it is just me sometimes it can be daunting to figure out gifts for cops; I mean what should I get them anyhow? So I've compiled a list of fun gift ideas for cops ranging from small to large. Hopefully you'll find something that fits your budget here!

(*This post contains Amazon affiliate links; I receive a small commission off any orders made through my links!)

The Big Stuff

Sometimes you want to go all out and get something BIG. Maybe it's your 10 year wedding anniversary, or his 10th year on the job; whatever the occasion sometimes you just need to make a big statement. These gift ideas may be large in size and/or large in budget, but they're sure to thrill the cop in your life!

  • Warrior Rack - This bad boy is perfect for a law enforcement officer! It'll make life easier and safer for everyone. If you've never heard of a Warrior Rack before you can check them out here!

  • Tactical Clothing - Good tactical gear is not cheap. And I mean that in all sincerity. So if you're looking to gift the cop in your life quality gear make sure it's just that; quality!

  • Guns - I don't really feel I need to add anything to this one. Lol

  • Gun Safe - Every cop wants a nice gun safe; one because they care about gun safety and two because they love having a place to put all their loot! So if you're looking for an awesome gift idea for cops make sure to research gun safes!

  • Secret Gun Storage - Ever seen those shelves, desks, tables, beds, etc that have built in hide-a-gun storage? Yeah. Let's just say my LEO was geeking out over them.

  • Massage Chair - Not that this wouldn't be nice for everyone in your family, but having a special chair to help your man unwind is a great gift idea for cops!

  • Cop Caddy - These gear stands can be personalized with last name, badge number, etc if desired.

  • Custom Holster - Again, every cop loves his gun, why not have a custom holster made for him?

  • Watch - One of the first things my husband bought when he became a cop was a really nice watch; he utilizes it daily so it's been a great investment!

  • Thin Blue Line Wooden Flag - I bought my husband a gorgeous wood flag to hang on the wall that had a thin blue line stripe; he loves it!

Gift Ideas for Cops that won't Break the Bank

Good gifts don't have to cost a million dollars. Some of the best gifts are practical, yet wonderful!

  • Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball Pen - Or in other words just get the dude a really nice pen. Cops use their pens a lot, get him something smooth, customized, and fun to add to his uniform!

  • Patrol Car Organizer - Cops have lots of gear that needs to stay organized; having a convenient caddy really helps!

  • Back Massage Seat for their Personal Vehicle - They go through a lot during each shift; give them a way to unwind on their ride home!

  • New Duty Boots - This one seems kind of boring, but cops often wear their shoes right into the ground and are loathe to go buy a new pair; get them something that will have them thinking of you with every step!

  • Engraved Knife - Most men love knives and cop are no different; make this gift special by getting it personalized!

  • Portable Coffee Maker - My husband works nights in a small town; fresh food and coffee is hard to find. I can't even tell you how many times he has lamented that fact to me. So how amazing would it be to make coffee on the go with your own portable coffee maker!?

  • Boot Warmer Rack - My husband has one and uses it daily to dry out/warm his boots!

  • Foot Massager - And I'm not just talking about one of those little roller balls; I mean go all out and get a sit-in-a-chair-and-put-your-feet-in-this-bad-boy foot massager! Something to really help them relax and take a load off.

  • Personalized Yeti - Again with the coffee but we all know cops love their coffee; so make it special -and help keep it warm!- with a personalized Yeti!

Small Items to Gift a Law Enforcement Officer

Sometimes we just need a nice little gift. Or our mom needs a nice gift for our Law Enforcement Officer. Sometimes it's a special occasion and the neighbors next door want some good gift ideas for cops (or your cop to be specific). So hand them this list of smallish gifts that will be a hit for sure.

  • Sunglasses - A nice quality pair that won't break easily.

  • Black Riffle Coffee - Cops love supporting cops; oh, and they like coffee.

  • Back Scratcher - You scratch my back I'll scratch yours?

  • Ballsy - This is definitely a fun gift any guy will get a kick out of!

  • Leather Slippers - Simple yet much appreciated.

  • Bullet Bottle Opener - Have I mentioned cops like guns?

  • Nice Lunch Box - Important for those long shifts!

  • Super Troopers - Ha. No need to explain.

  • Coffee Cup - Cops love cop gear!

  • Large Hydro Flask - Help keep them hydrated while on the road.

  • Arrest My Vest Spray - If you're the wife of a law enforcement officer, you know why.

  • Good Underwear - So this might not be something you suggest your neighbors buy him....But it is a much appreciated gift! (Let the reader understand.)

  • Personalized Sign - A friend of mine made the "Come Home Safe" sign that is pictured above; it's such a sweet gift!

Stocking Stuffers for Cops

If you're looking for some fun little items that make great gift ideas for cops or would be awesome stocking stuffers check out these ideas!

  • Favorite Snacks - Amazon has great snack boxes!

  • Black Hat(s) - Fleece for the winter!

  • Cop Ornaments - Because again, cops like cop stuff!

  • Pocket Warmers - I feel like this is self explanatory (at least if you live up north.)

  • Donuts - Come on, we've got to tease them sometimes!

  • Fuzzy Handcuffs - You know...Just for fun ;)

  • Gift Cards - Coffee cards, food cards, gas cards, hobby shop cards, donut cards, gift cards of any kind!

  • A Devotional Book - Behind the Badge

Gift Ideas for Cops; I've Got Your Back!

Well hopefully you found one or two good gifts ideas for cops in this list; or maybe just a gift idea for your man! What did I leave out? What have you gifted to a law enforcement officer in your life that went over really well? I'd love to hear more ideas and keep this list growing so if you have any please leave them in the comments below!

Another way that I love to support Law Enforcement Officers and there family is to support Cop Shops (ba ha ha pun intended). If you're looking for some wonderful LEO owned shops to support this holiday season check out

This is obviously a very small list of shops that I know of, so be on the lookout for more cop shops! I'd love to hear your favorites!

Backing the Blue,

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