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DIY Natural Moisturizing Salve

THE BEST Healing Balm for Dry Skin!

This thick, moisturizing cream was actually a happy accident one late night while I was making my beloved chapstick recipe. I messed up the ratio of the ingredients just a bit, which led to a mushy batch of chapstick, but also to the realization that my all natural chapstick recipe was not far off from an intensely moisturizing balm for skin! With a little tweaking I realized that the same core ingredients that were used in my chapstick recipe could also be made into this new blend.

This is a thick, creamy mixture that is great for those dry, cracked hands come winter time or for rough patches on elbows and knees! Try applying it to your feet and heels before bed and slipping a pair of socks on to let it really soak in over night; it’s amazing!

You can use any combination of essential oils that you would like; I particularly love lavender and lavender for the excellent skin supporting properties.

*Note; I only use Young Living oils and do not recommend purchasing cheap or synthetic oils; actually, I highly suggest you don’t as these could cause adverse affects! I only stand behind Young Living and their 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. If you would like to know more, please feel free to email me or read this blog post.

All Natural Healing Balm for Dry Skin Recipe


1/4 Cup Shea Butter

1/3 Cup Coconut Oil

3 Tablespoons Beeswax Pellets

2 Teaspoons Sweet Almond Oil (optional; can be replaced with Jojoba also)

20-30 Drops of your Favorite Essential Oil

Directions: Add a small amount of water to a sauce pan, place a glass jar or small bowl inside to create a double boiler and add beeswax pellets. Melt slowly until completely smooth. Add Shea Butter and stir until completely melted; then add coconut oil and sweet almond oil. Mix well and remove from heat. Allow to cool for a minute or two and then while the mixture is still liquid, add essential oils of choice. Mix thoroughly and pour into glass jars.

Rub It In!

This recipe is intensely moisturizing and great for dry cracked hands, rough patches on elbows and knees, and your feet! Apply to your feet before bed time and throw a pair of socks on to reveal soft, supple skin in the morning! While this natural healing balm is intensely nourishing, it can be a tad bit on the greasy side because of the coconut oil. If you want something a little softer, try my Whipped Body Butter recipe!

Recipes like this can make such fun gifts; so if the bath is too big, try splitting it up into smaller jars to give away to your friends! Save this recipe for later so you don’t loose it and if you want to shop my Amazon list of products to make all my fun DIY essential oil recipes you can check out this quick-access Amazon storefront I made!

If you don’t have access to high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils or are interested in becoming a member of Young Living I’d be happy to help get you started on your personal health journey with essential oils! Feel free to email me or check out this page for more details on how to get started! If you’re ready to get started today, simply go to to become a member and input my member ID #22762387 in the enroller and sponsor place during checkout!

From a very moisturized mama,

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