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DIY Care Package!

Get Well Soon!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows someone who’s sick; cold and flu season is upon us so it seems like everyone has the sniffles right now! What can you do to help soothe your friends and family members? How about a cute little Get Well Soon Care Package to cheer them up!?

Nothing better than body, soul, mind, and spirit care! Ya know?

Since starting my journey with essential oils, one of my favorite things has been to use them to love on others. Nothing makes me feel happier than to know my friends are being well taken care of; whether that is physically, mentally, or emotionally!

Recently my bestie text me and told me she had the sniffles. She had a hunting trip planned for the next day, so of course she was feeling pretty bummed out.

“I’m coming over!” I text back.

It only took me a few minutes to throw together this little feel-good package for her and run it over.

Get Well Soon Care Package Contents

There are TONS of different things you can add to these cute little gifts; the staples are of course a cute mug and a few fun goodies! I’ve made cups like this stuffed to the brim with fun stuff for teacher gifts, birthday presents, hostessing gifts, etc. Sky is the limit in the way you can customize this fun idea!

  • Chapstick (want to make your own so you always have a stash on hand!? Check out nontoxic my recipe!)

  • Sugar Scrub (Down at the bottom of my cup I had a little jar of this to help keep it up higher!)

  • Vitamins (Lol I wouldn’t put these in teacher gifts, but for a get well soon care package it was a great addition!)

  • Face Mask

  • Nail Polish

  • Lipstick / Makeup

  • Tea or Coffee

  • Snacks

  • Jewelry

  • Chocolate (duh lol)

  • Lotion

  • Gift Card

  • Any other goodies you KNOW they'd love

Honestly the list of what you could put in it goes on and on! And really you can make a bunch with the same items in it to have on hand for easy gifts or customize them to suit whatever need arises. Bring over a cute little get well soon care package with a meal of chicken noodle soup and I KNOW you friends will feel loved and cared about!

The best part about my fun little get well soon care package was when my friend text me the next day and told me she’d made a complete recovery! She was so grateful for all the natural remedies I’d sent her way to help her recover faster. It was fun to get to love her while she wasn’t feeling well and also help her get to her hunting trip! (She didn’t catch anything by the way lol)

Happy gifting!

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