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DIY Car Diffuser Clips *KID FRIENDLY*

Since starting our journey towards natural living, I’ve had a hard time finding kid friendly crafts and projects that incorporate our love of essential oils, so recently we decided to come up with a few of our own! I took a few of my favorite recipes and DIY projects from years past and adapted them to fit our new, non toxic lifestyle. With a little tweaking I have been able to come up with some fun projects that my kids and I enjoy doing together like chapstick making, non toxic bath bombs, and our latest exploration; DIY Car Diffusers!

My kids had a blast making these cute little car diffuser clips and plan to give them out to everyone they know for the holidays! It was fun for them to get to personalize not only the diffuser, but also the scent that they applied for each friend! My kids each have their own favorite essential oil it was fun to see what they chose for each person on their list.

These DIY car diffuser clips take very few supplies or supervision; they’re something your kids really can do all by themselves! So have a fun, holiday craft afternoon making these cute gifts!

*Note; I only use Young Living oils and do not recommend purchasing cheap or synthetic oils; actually, I highly suggest you don’t as these could cause adverse affects! I only stand behind Young Living and their 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me OR check out the Honestly Essentials page!

DIY Car Diffuser Clip Instructions

Supply List:

Clothes pins

Natural Cork (optional)

Hot Glue Gun


buttons, glitter, non toxic paint, cloth, lace, string, ribbon, markers, googley eyes, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, really anything you think would be fun!

Instructions: To make, simply glue a small piece of cork on the clothes pin to act as your “diffuser” for the essential oils, or if you don’t have any cork you can just apply the oil directly to the raw wood when finished. Let your kids create magical, one-of-a-kind art pieces like butterflies, monsters, reindeer, etc to bring their diffusers to life. Once their projects are fully dry, choose an essential oil and apply a couple drops on the cork or wood. Clip the creation to your car vent and run air as normal. (Remember! Cars are a small, enclose space, so a little goes a long ways! Essential oils are incredibly concentrated so 1-2 drops should be just fine!)

DIY Kid Friendly Essential Oil Craft Conclusion

I think the best thing about this project is how easy -and fun!- it was for my kids! They had a blast really taking charge and doing this one themselves. No need for mom to hover and make sure that things were working out; they had totally control to make their crafts however they wanted!

To preserve the scent of the essential oil you can store the DIY car diffuser clip in a plastic baggie or just apply a fresh drop before leaving.

I plan to clip one of these creations to all our holiday gift baskets and gifts this year to add an extra fun flair! If you’re giving them as a gift, consider filling a 2ml bottle with a little extra essential oil to gift to your loved one. You could even do 2-3 different scents to let them try out a few of your favorite essential oils!

If you’re curious about how to get started using essential oils around your kids, check out the Little Oilers premium starter kit from Young Living that comes with specially formulated essential oil blends just for kids! These pre-diluted blends are awesome for diffusing or topical use and are made just for kids so you don’t have to be worried about you sensitive little people 🤗 You can find more information on how to get started on my Honestly Essentials Page! Or if you’re ready to get started right this second, simply go to to become a member and input my member ID #22762387 in the enroller and sponsor place during checkout!


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