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Ditch & Switch: But Keep It Budget Friendly

Keep this sentence LOCKED away in your brain: Healthy habits don't happen over night!

It's true! And we all know it! It takes time and hardcore dedication to implement even the smallest changes on the daily, BUT it can be done!

When I started on this journey of a clean(er) and healthy(er) living several years ago, I wanted to overhaul my entire house and life immediately. I started researching all the different things I wanted to change and ended up leading myself to completely freak out AND burnout entirely because I was too overwhelmed with all the information I was gathering.

Since then I've gotten -a little- smarter and started taking it one small step at a time, even though YES I wish I could still instantly change everything with a snap of my fingers.

Ready to start switching over your household cleaning supplies to nontoxic products?

Instead of trying to switch everything all at once and researching allllllllll the products all at once, try this one (and my favorite) "hack": DITCH AND SWITCH!

Now, I don't have some magical coupon that will work on every single clean product out there- A DREAM. What I do have? A simple and effective way to make some big changes in small steps with no brain or budget overload!

Let's say you're running low on laundry detergent, take the time to research JUST THAT ONE PRODUCT and switch out for a cleaner option.

This is a simple and much more budget friendly way of switching over your household products. It may take you a little while to check everything off your list, but you'll be better off in the long run as you'll probably actually RETAIN the info you're learning about each product and also keep yourself from toxic burnout (pun totally intended!)

Not to mention, being clean doesn't necessarily just mean your household products that means beauty, for your kids, your hubs, your pets, etc... Make a list, check it twice, and start researching products that need to be switched out first!

If you don't already know... I've found love in Young Living! I'll be the first one to tell you HOW MUCH I use Thieves, in fact you can read all about how I got started with non-toxic living here!

Want to learn even more about clean living, or should I say BUDGET FRIENDLY clean living? Check out my Honestly Essentials page! April is a big month for my oily community! We've got a boot camp, completely dedicated to living healthy no matter what stage of the process you're in. Our goal is to find the best solutions to make sure you're THRIVING in life!

Love a not so info overloaded,

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