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3 Easy Essential Oil Gift Ideas

So, you love your essential oils and want to share them with the world, but you don’t really know how? Well, there is a saying my friend likes to use often just poop.

Yes, poop.

Put Oils On People; ya feel me?

But how?

Sometime it can take minute for people to get used to the idea of essential oils so I’ve compiled a few fun DIY recipes like my amazing chapstick recipe that uses essential oils and also my DIY non toxic bath bombs using essential oils. But sometimes we just don’t have the time to do the involved of creations; so what’s a girl to do?

When you’re looking for a quick way to get oils into new hands, these simple ideas may be a fun way to do just that!

Mini Personal Diffuser

This “craft” is a great way to repurpose your empty Young Living essential oil bottles! Simply clean them out and remove the label with a little lemon EO and you’re ready to get started!

To create this cute little item simply decorate your bottle as desired; twine, ribbon, lace, even wash tape could be cute! Then add a few toothpick or cut bamboo skewers as mini diffuser rods and drop 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil blend on them. To make a little package you could add a 2ml bottle or two with a few other scents for them to try.

Cute, classy, and just a little sassy these would be a great little gift for coworkers and a perusal diffuser for their office space. It also would give the opportunity for you to be able to stop by and refill it now and again 🤗

Diffuser Bombs

For this little gift to work you’ll want to know that the person you’re gifting it to already has some sort of diffuser; or maybe you choose to gift them a mini diffuser bomb mixture along with the perusal diffuser that was mentioned above.

Another great way to use those empty essential oil bottles simply clean them up and refill with your favorite seasonal scent. If you’re at a loss for what mixture you should add, check out Pinterest for tons of amazing blend ideas! You can then either add a dropper cap to the top of your bottle or thoroughly wash the drip top from the bottle and replace it again.

Add a cute label with the name of the scent you decided on and gift this as a quick way to freshen up any room! (This is also a good idea just for yourself! Mix up your favorite blends so you can easily drop them right in to your diffuser and don’t have to count drops every time!)

Personalized or Seasonal Roller Bottles

This seems like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many people forget the power of simply gifting a roller bottle filled with a timely blend. I try to adjust each blend to the needs of my friends; not to try and “sell” them anything, but just to love on them where they’re at. A friend was recently telling me about some of her motherhood struggles and how she’d like to experience more joy in the day-to-day. The next time I saw her I brought over a cheerful colored roller bottle with Joy in it. She was thrilled at the thoughtful gift and told me she really enjoyed using it. So when you’re making your roller bottles, try to make them specific to the person you’re gifting it to. I try to much the color of the bottle to their personality and if I don’t know of any struggles they’re facing I do my best to match them to a scent that reminds me of them. If you’re making a roller bottle for someone you don’t know well, a stress-relief roller or even seasonal scent can be fun! I made a pumpkin spice roller from cassia, cedarwood, and orange or an apple pie roller using thieves, cassia, and lemon. They smell amazing and bring on all the fall vibes; plus they’re a great boost for the season!

So think seasonal, think special, think roller blends for all your friends!

I hope these gave you a few fresh ideas for oily gifts this season; there is nothing more fun than to poop! Lol and hopefully that made you giggle, but also inspired you to get out there and spread your love for essential oils!

Happy p-o-o-ping,

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