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This is my one stop shop for all the different ways we can connect!

Honestly Essentials | Young Living

Young Living has been life changing for me, in so many ways, and I fully believe it can be for you and your family also! If you have questions, DM me on Instagram, or if you’re ready to sign up with your own you can follow the link below to join me in my quest towards non toxic living and health; body, soul, mind, and spirit!

Quick & Healthy Meals | QuickFresh

Are you a busy mom who hardly has time for all that’s on her plate; much less time to MAKE something to go on her plate!? Yeah, me too! That’s why I’m using QuickFresh meals! Healthy, affordable, and shipped ready-to-eat to your door! Use code Stephanie to receive that best discount on the web -$200 off your first 5 weeks!

Shop My Earring Collection | JAK Sprat

This is a dream come true!!!

You know how much I LOVE my big earrings, and now I am partnering with JAK Sprat to bring you beautiful handmade earrings -SEASONALLY! These earrings are handmade by women and 100% stylish, wonderful, and won’t drag your earlobes down! To shop my latest collection follow the link below and use code honestlyJAK2115 for 15% off!

Shop Nails With Me | Red Aspen

I  have been enjoying Red Aspen nails for a hot second now. They’re a do-it-yourself mani for between $13-$15 and they last for 2 weeks or more! If you’re looking to try a pair, I’d love if you shopped with me! I promise you'll find a style that fits YOU!

Honestly Mommy Merch

That's right, we did did it! New Designs Coming SOON!***